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Should you hire a property management company or manage the property yourself? Is hiring a property manager necessary?

While renting your property can be a profitable venture it can also be quite challenging. Tenants will always have demands. Also, attending to tenant queries, requests, and property maintenance can be stressful.

Maintaining several properties is even more challenging. This is why making use of a property manager is the best way to end these problems. 

With that said, here are 8 reasons why you need a property management company.

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Property management companies have access to the best websites to advertise your property. This is where 95% of rental inquiries come from.


A property manager can provide his assessment of the attainable rent for a property. If you are beginner, you might make the mistake of overestimating the weekly rent charge. This could result in lost income through a high vacancy period.


A property manager is aware of the latest laws and legislations. He or she is updated with the changes as they happen. A property manager can give updates on a potential legal issue that arises and deals with it. 


Property managers ensure they outline the rights and responsibilities of both parties. And also make sure the tenant and landlord sign the correct paperwork.


Showing property to prospective tenants can take time. If you have restrictions on time, your property will be vacant for a while if you don’t hire someone to do it for you. 

Securing a suitable tenant requires you to be available at any time to show the property. Acquiring the services of a property management company is your best option.


Problems often show up when tenants decide to vacate the property. This happens when tenants end the contract for no valid reason or fail to notify the landlord. 

A property manager ensures any agreement is terminated properly. Moreover, he makes sure the property is in the same condition as it was when the tenants rented it.


For investors, maintaining the value of the investment property is crucial. Property management companies ensure that the property is well-maintained. They conduct regular inspections on the property, which happen up to four times a year. 


Property managers perform background checks on potential tenants. This will cut the risk for landlords of having to endure blacklisted tenants. Qualified tenants are those who look after the property as their own and pay the rent on time.

Choosing the right property management company

Remember, one of your biggest assets is your investment property. The income generated from that property can make a big difference in your lifestyle. Choosing the right property manager can have a huge impact on that income. 

You can do online research for real estate agent reviews. You can also get recommendations from family, friends and the people in your community. The property manager must be a member of the Real Estate Institute of South Australia (REISA). 

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