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Property Management & Tenants 

We have all been there as a tenant, waiting for days for maintenance request to be processed and a lot of time just being ignored. Imagine If there’s a bad water leak after business hours, you can’t wait on paper request forms or emails!

Therefore, at Onelane, we designed this all-in-one online platform which allows the tenant to instantly send maintenance issues to your landlord in real-time with just a few easy taps, ensuring you can quickly log service requests, work orders, emergency repairs and track each job through to completion and monitor their progression. 

With our powerful yet simple, on-the-go web app, reporting maintenance issues has never been this pleasant, the features and tools within our web app work hard to help improve the tenant’s rental experience. 

  • Tracking Property Lease Applications
  • Tenant Documentation
  • Work Orders
  • Files and Photos

At Onelane, we want to make sure you are looked after right when you need it. As we are committed to continuously developing a better way to promote a seamless no-hassle experience with property maintenance. 

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